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Stapling Technology

Stapling is an approved and efficient technology, offering hand tools for carton closing and industrial applications as well as stapling heads and automatic machines for specific industries together with a wide range of staples.

Pneumatic top stapler for closing of transport packaging, e.g. folding boxes.


The right tool for every task

Josef Kihlberg tools for closing board packaging ensure that the packaging will stand up to rough handling all the way. Their range also includes stapling tools for the furniture, carpentry and woodworking industries.

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Stapling of filled boxes, e.g. with blind stapling.

Automatic Stapling Systems - Stapling as connection technology

More and further special applications with staples join the traditional carton closing.

New developments allow the stable and durable connection of different materials in a simple and economical way.

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 Blind staplers. 

Stapling as Connection Technology:

MG Mezger - Movie

Connective Technology with Staples (Leaflet)
Josef Kihlberg + Mezger: