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High Performance Transit Machine

Strapping is the most efficient method for securing goods for the different internal and external logistic stages. Strapex offers individual solutions to “MAKE YOUR PRODUCTS FEEL SAFE” all the way from the producer of the goods through the supply chain to the enduser.

Leading companies integrate strapping solutions directly in line in the production or logistic process. High up time and high performance meet the requirement of around the clock  24/7, continuous production and high throughput. This supports consistent high quality of the valuable products at most economic cost.

SMG 50/55 - High performance transit machine for plastic strapping applications


Save time and money with 5 mm strap. Reduce cost of ownership with using thinner 9 or 12 mm strap

  • Electronic control system with microprocessor + PLC
  • Emergency push button
  • Dispenser, side-mounted on machine frame
  • Cycle counter

Operation / Indication

  • Touch Panel, mounted on dispenser side
  • Graphic display for program selection and strap interspace
  • Fault signal
  • One 24 pole Harting connector
  • All output (transmitting) signals potential free
  • Stand-by signal to feed conveyor (optional)
  • General fault signal (optional)
  • Input signal, potential free
  • Stand-by signal to follow-on conveyor


SMG 50/55 at Work:

High Performance Transit Machine for Plastic Strapping - Movie
SMG Overview:

High Performance Machines for Plastic Strapping (Brochure)
SMG 50/55:

High Performance Transit Machine for Plastic Strapping (Leaflet)