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Strapex offers an excellent range of state of the art products to meet your packaging and identification needs including: plastic strap, both PET and PP, steel strap, stretch film, seals and labels.
High quality control standards ensure that only tested and reliable materials reach the market.


Polypropylene (PP) Strap

Strapex PP-Strap is also offered with additional features like UV resistance or individual colour. Low camber and stringent quality control will ensure reliable securing of your products.

Strapex PP-Strap is available in widths of 5-16 mm, in thicknesses from 0,35 up to 0,9 mm.



Polyester (PET) Strap

Strapex PET Strap cannot be affected by corrosion or rust and is therefore the ideal material to replace steel strap.

Strapex PET-Strap is available in widths of 10-19 mm, in thicknesses from 0,53 up to 1,27 mm.

Stretch Film

Strapex offers a complete range of stretch film for automated wrapping of products. Stretch film for hand wrapping features high stretch and cling characteristics.

Whether you are using hand tools, semi-automatic or fully automatic wrapping machines, Strapex Stretch Film is excellent for securing, protecting and presenting your products. By focusing on your "cost of use", we can demonstrate the most economical wrapping system available.

Strapex stretch film is available in thicknesses from 7 to 23 µm.


Strapex provides the appropriate seals for all manual strapping tools to allow sealing of the strap. Thanks to high seal efficiency light weight strap can be used.

Strapex seals are tailored to Strapex hand tools in sizes 13, 16 and 19mm.




Strapex labels provide an economical system for labelling your pallets.

Strapex Cold seal labels are printed by the thermo transfer method and applied on the strap. Tailored to the needs of in-line labelling, they provide optimal identification. The labels withstand humidity and a wide range of temperatures.



Steel Strap

Strapex offers a complete range of steel strap for strapping of products.

Whether you are using hand-tools or fully automatic strapping machines, Strapex steel strap is excellent for securing, protecting and presenting your products.

Strapex provides you with standard and high tensile steel strap quality. Strapex’s steel strapping are produced with following waxed finishes:

  • blue-annealed
  • black-painted
  • zinc-painted



Edge Protectors
Strapex offers a range of edge protection products: straight edge-boards, protective products, ecoload sheets, reddi-crate boxes, polystrap protective products, strap protectors, U profile protective products and flat corners to protect circular or longitudinal articles, round, cylindrical, complex or cone-shaped things.

These products are practical solutions for protection, packaging reinforcement, fastening, conditioning, stacking, strapping, palletization, wedging.

Plastic Straps:

There’s a lot to be said for Strapex straps (Brochure)