Strapex Worldwide

Products & Technologies

Market-driven R&D and production plants develop and provide high quality solutions for the packing sector. Our complete program offers cost effective, ideal, working solutions tailored to the strapping & wrapping application requirements of various industries.
Strapping Hand Tools

Battery-powered and manual tools for plastic strap and steel strap
Strapping Machines

Semi-automatic, high-performance standalone and transit machines
Strapping & Wrapping System Solutions

Semi- and fully automatic strapping machines, fully automatic endsealer, banderoling and wrapping

Strapex offers an excellent range of state of the art products to meet your packaging and identification needs
Spare Parts & Services

Strapex is dedicated to the highest customer service standards in the industry

Discover the advantages of stapling with solutions from Josef Kihlberg and Mezger Heftsysteme.

Stainless Steel High Performance Machine

Movie - SMG 65i Stainless Steel High Performance Machine