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Food & Beverage

Strapex provides various strapping, banderoling and stretch wrapping solutions for food or beverage products.

Pallets with crates or kegs
Display pallets and stacked PET bottles
Products in boxes and sacks
Different palletised loads

Latest technology in equipment combined with highest quality standards and half a century of experience will grant you maximum availability and security. Strapex offers you tailor-made solutions for your individual application:

The right transport security solution for the Food & Beverage industry:

  • breweries, soft drinks, mineral water, juices, wineries
  • dairy
  • meat, poultry/chicken, fish
  • fruits, vegetables
  • ice cream, frozen food
  • food or beverage distribution centers
  • others
The right transport security solution for all kinds of primary packaging:
  • crates or kegs on pallets
  • boxed products
  • beverage in PET bottles on pallets
The right solution for different production output: from manual tools for lower throughput up to automatic machines for integration in automatic packaging lines 

Labelling solutions to ensure cost savings by tracking, tracing and control of the goods in the warehouse and throughout the downstream logistics chain 

The right technology and consumable for your specific application from one source: strapping, banderoling, stretch wrapping

Below, you find a short introduction to an application. Please contact your Strapex sales office to discuss your specific application.

System Solution for Crates


H.E.2.M labelling (Endsealer with labelling)


  • top strap for transport security
  • labels for tracking and tracing
  • lower cost of operations through
      • small sized strap
      • high throughput
      • high up-time
      • less maintenance

SMG 25i:

Stainless Steel Version for the Food Industry - Movie
SMG 65i - Side Seal Machine for Plastic Strapping :

Stainless Steel Version for Food Industry - Movie
SMG 75i - Side Seal Machine (Transit) for Plastic Strapping:

Stainless Steel Version for the Food Industry - Movie
HB1M Horizontal Banderoling:

Automatic Banderoling Machine - Movie